8 Tips to boost Your Digestion Over the Holidays


One word comes to our mind around the holidays – indulge. Whether your guilty pleasure is green bean casserole or pecan pie, we all have something that we may give in to because it’s the holiday season. However, these choices may have consequences when it comes to our digestion, which can mean gas, bloating, and discomfort. Plus our digestive systems may need a bit of a boost to help us break down the quantities of food we can tend to eat during the holiday season.

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What You Need To Know About Fermented Foods


Fermented foods have recently come into the spotlight for their healing properties. However, ferments have actually been around for thousands of years! Our ancestors had it right by eating live, probiotic rich foods, and we should be following in their footsteps. Continue reading

Gut Health and Your Microbiome


More than ever before, health aficionados are focusing on the impact our gut bacteria has on our overall health. There is more evidence coming to light that our microbiomes, or the universe of good and bad bacteria that live inside our bodies, have a huge roll to play in our immune health, digestive health and even some chronic diseases. Continue reading

How To Naturally Relieve Your Symptoms After You’ve Been Glutened


Gas, bloating, fatigue and headaches are all common side effects of having a gluten intolerance. Even if you do not have a diagnosed gluten allergy or celiac disease, the symptoms that arise from accidentally ingesting gluten for those who are gluten intolerant can be uncomfortable, debilitating, and painful. Some people have a sensitivity to gluten and may not even know it, as symptoms can disguise themselves as other ailments aside from GI issues. If you feel any of the symptoms above after eating wheat, barley, spelt or rye, chances are your body is not digesting gluten properly and reacting in various ways. Continue reading