Healthy Foodie Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are upon us and this year I’ve decided to buy gifts that will be used regularly, not just pretty things that will be taken out of the closet or off the shelf occasionally (I’ve been giving a lot of costume jewelry in recent years). It just so happens that I and many of the people in my life LOVE food and cooking. And most of them are very interested in eating fabulous food that is also healthy and nutritious. It’s funny how those two concepts go together for so many people, although that’s not to say we don’t also enjoy our indulgences!

Here are some gifts for those healthy foodies in your life that will be sure to be enjoyed almost as soon as they’re out of the box!

1) Tasteful Pantry Gluten-Free Holiday Box ($40)

We’re so excited to partner with Gluten Free Youtuber and blogger Gluten Free With Emily to co-curate this beautiful gift box. It contains super high quality holiday-themed wholesome treats and snacks that Emily has hand-picked for a picky and healthy foodie audience, as well as The Tasteful Pantry’s stylish eco-friendly tote bag.  An added bonus? Everything in the box is vegan too!

And if you want to send a gift that will last over time, you can also send one of our gift subscription boxes!DSC03099 copy.JPG

2) DIY Dairy-Free Cheese Kit ($29)

Say what? You can make your own cheese? And non-dairy cheese? Yes, nut-based mozzarella and ricotta to be exact. This fun foodie gift is perfect for your dairy-free friends who are into experimenting in their own kitchens. The best part about making your own cheese at home? It’s all natural and contains no carageenan gum or soy. FYI the same company (Urban Cheesecraft) also makes regular dairy-full cheese kits for the dairy-eaters in your life.il_570xN.842008237_l9at

3) Laser-Engraved Rolling Pins ($62)

The perfect combination of baking + design. Why wouldn’t you pattern your pie? These rolling pins can be engraved with blackbirds, circles or lines for a modern print on an old-fashioned baking tool. This is so very cool I’m having a hard time not buying one for myself.housewares-laser-engraved-rolling-pins_large

4) Homemade Popcorn Seasoning Kit

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks – it’s light and fluffy and has got just enough fiber that I feel no guilt after downing a whole bowl. Share in the foodie experience by crafting your own popcorn seasoning kit and give a gift that is thoughtful, convenient and creative! With gourmet flavors like smokey curry and spicy citrus, these go way beyond normal movie theater popcorn flavorings!IMG_4869

5) Organic Dark Chocolate Holiday Spice Truffles ($26 for 6)

These are perfect as precious little stocking stuffers since they come in little boxes of two. But don’t be fooled, these truffles are packed with such high quality delicious ingredients that one bite will be utterly satisfying. Organic, gluten-free, vegan and soy-free, and full of ingredients like coconut milk, cinnamon and turmeric, these are a scrumptious treat to share or to treat yourself with! NICtruf1-2T

6) DIY Infused Olive Oils

Here’s another homemade option that will show off your gourmet taste buds and allow for some creativity! Infused olive oils are fun and can be used not only in cooking but also to top salads, pastas and breads. Make it a family project – get the kids on ingredient prep and see the end result in your beautiful bottles, ready to be gifted to your lucky foodie friends!


7) Fermentation Crock ($155)

Fermented foods are all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder with all they do for your microbiome (a fancy word for internal bacteria). Fermented foods have been around for centuries and are now making a comeback due to their probiotic qualities and healing properties. You can read more in our post on fermented foods here. Give this fermentation crock to a foodie friend who loves to make their own feel-good food!


8) Brass Knuckle Meat Tenderizer ($32.99)

We just had to include this one. Look at it – how can you not give this to that manly man foodie in your life? Let him get up close and personal with his meat with this brass knuckle tenderizer that fits like a glove.


9) Olivewood Salt Keeper ($38.94)

This 8oz salt keeper is made with beautiful craftsmanship and has a swiveling lid with a magnetic latch that keeps salt fresh and dry while allowing easy one-handed access. This is a kitchen tool you can leave on the dinner table, both for its design and for practical use!


10) Chef’n Banana Slicer ($18.95)

I have to admit, my first thought when seeing this was Wolverine in X-Men. Right? But the use of these claws is much more benign – to slice your bananas – perfect for pancakes, oatmeal, lunch boxes and fruit salads. It’s such a handy (and fun) tool to have around – you might want to get one for yourself too! 728201337447126546_0d5fee4473f5

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