Know What You’re Eating: Knowing Foods


Knowing Foods was born from two brothers’ desire to inspire nutritional awareness and transparency in food labeling, all in the form of a delicious little square. That is, a two-layered  delectable square made from all organic ingredients including cashews, coconut and sunflower seeds, topped with a crumbly layer of coconut and cashews. Have we got you drooling yet?

Nick and Alex Naczinski launched Knowing Foods in December 2014 after a lifetime of living around food, both unhealthy and healthy. They worked at their father’s Danish pastry shop growing up and so were surrounded by treats, unfortunately not of the healthy variety. Living and working with their father in the business played no small role in inspiring them to embark on a journey of health. Really it was a family effort to help their father change his eating habits and learn what good healthy nutritious and delicious food can taste like.

From this family effort, Nick’s interest in health and fitness took on a life of its own. He independently grew up to be active and athletic, enjoying the outdoors and becoming more and more conscious of what he was putting into his body. He noticed that with many “health foods”, although the macro’s looked good (protein, fat and carb count), often these foods included synthetic and impure ingredients, hidden away in the tiny print of the ingredients list. So he decided to create a product that blared the ingredients right on the front of the package. No emulsifiers, no refined sugars, no artificial ingredients – just pure, organic, recognizable ingredients. He played with a bunch of recipes that included foods that he enjoyed eating, just in the form of a square, and came up with what is now Knowing Foods’ organic energy squares. These squares are gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, soy-free, organic, non-GMO. They’re dehydrated rather than cooked to preserve their nutrient value. Oh and they’re delicious.  Cashwe+Coconut

Nick and Alex’s hope is to encourage people to look at where their food is coming from, not just to trust the numbers on the nutrition panel. We at The Tasteful Pantry are so excited to be partnering with them on our upcoming boxes – another local LA business that is passionate about quality ingredients and helping people put good quality food into their bodies!

Get Knowing Foods’ organic energy squares in this month’s Tasteful Pantry boxes, or in our shop!


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