Fun Summer Workouts We Love!


Summer is almost here, and we’re getting ready to step into our bikini bodies and have fun doing it. No one wants to do a workout they don’t enjoy, right? Of course right! It’s been proven that by doing exercise you enjoy, you will be more inclined to stick to it to achieve your own personal goals, and we couldn’t agree more. Summertime opens the door to so many more exercise opportunities, and we can’t wait to dive into all of them! Keep in mind that temperatures are hotter in the summer, so be sure to stay hydrated and replenish electrolytes. We’re loving this Birch Tree Water as a before and after workout drink!

  1. Sunrise Run – Running may become redundant, and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… but have you ever been running when the sun is rising? Not only is it a magical experience, but the beauty of nature in itself is motivating! Whether you run for 2 miles or 10, the feeling you will achieve during the run is like no other. And the best part of doing a workout early in the day is that you have the rest of the day to enjoy! Temperatures are typically cooler in the morning as well, so you won’t face heat exhaustion.images-5
  2. Outdoor Yoga/Yoga Dance– Yoga and nature go hand in hand, so it only makes sense to sign up for an outdoor yoga class, right? Yoga tones the body and increases flexibility, while also focusing on breathing and the mind. And if yoga isn’t your thing, we suggest Dance Yoga! It’s a combination of yoga postures, breathing, and dance technique. It’s a fun, playful class that is also a great workout!7244232226_a11cc41cd1_b
  3. Stand Up Paddle Board (aka SUP) – Stand up paddle boarding is perfect if you’re looking to achieve an overall body workout, that also includes balance and focus. Your core will be engaged the entire time, while your legs are working hard to keep you balanced. It’s also a low impact workout, which is great for those looking to go easy on their joints! So if you live close to a body of water, give it a try!2010-10-07-SUP-Outing-Coleman-Beach-Kerry-Bates_Mike-Baird_Morro-Bay-CA.  Kerry Lee Bates standup paddles in front of Grassy Island.  From nine images from a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board outing in Morro Bay, CA 07 Oct. 2010, with Kerry Lee Bates and Mike Baird, paddling from Coleman Beach to Grassy Island, and back. Photos by “Mike” Michael L. Baird, mike [at} mikebaird d o t com,, shooting a little rugged Canon D10 waterproof camera. To use this photo, see access, attribution, and commenting recommendations at - Please add comments/notes/tags to add to or correct information, identification, etc.  Please, no comments or invites with badges, images, multiple invites, award levels, flashing icons, or award/post rules.   Critique invited.
  4. Pilates at home – If you’re more of an at-home exerciser, we have the perfect thing for you: Blogilates! Cassey Ho creates weekly pilates videos that are fun, sometimes pretty intense, and meant to be done at home. She also provides recipes and meal plans! Grab a few friends and take on a few of her workouts, and we can guarantee you will feel the burn!profile.com_Perfect_Pilates_Body_Workout_Plan
  5. Hiking– Hiking is not only a physical challenge, but it connects you with nature, which is proven to improve moods. It offers unending shifts in landscape terrain which challenges your muscles and your mind! Often when we’re hiking, we notice we’re not even thinking about exercise, because we are mainly focusing on the scenery and movement of our bodies!Unknown
  6. Sign up for a race – We’re big fans of group obstacle races like the Warrior Dash. Grab a group of friends, pick a fun team name, and embark on the challenge together! Races like this are great because they include running, fun obstacles and roadblocks, and just a bit of competition. Passing that finish line together will feel great!Unknown-1
  7. Take a spinning class – do you love cycling but prefer the energy of a group class? Spinning is a great workout when you don’t want to deal with the traffic, heat or tan lines and want to just put your head down and ride. Take a class with a fun teacher (like Tasteful Pantry founder Jennifer) who plays great music and the hour will fly by before you know it! mainfront

What’s your favorite fun summer workout?

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