Savory Breakfast Millet Cakes (GF, DF)


Have you ever heard of millet? It’s an ancient grain that is commonly served in India and east Asia, but in the US is less common. When it does appear, it is usually combined with other grains. Millet grains are small and round and have a delicate flavor, think: a smaller gluten-free version of couscous. Their texture is also unique – it’s a bit crunchy, even when cooked. So if you’re a fan of al dente pasta, you might enjoy millet over another softer grain like rice or quinoa. As an added bonus, it’s also high in antioxidants and magnesium! Continue reading

Memorial Day Buffalo Quinoa Bites (GF)

Buffalo Quinoa Bites.jpg
This coming Monday we honor our fallen troops and gather with friends and family for Memorial Day. And what Memorial Day celebration would be complete without a delicious meal and shared dishes? Barbecues are so much fun with the sunshine, games and abundance of food. But let’s face it – the typical barbecue food can be pretty unhealthy, especially when you start adding in those chips and sides. If you have food allergies or intolerances it can be even harder.

Continue reading

Vegan vs. Paleo: Which Diet is the Right Diet for You?


This is a topic that we could probably go on about for days, “which diet is the right diet?” This question might be one of the hardest to answer when it comes to your own health. Two of the most popular ways of eating in today’s world is the paleo diet and veganism. Seemingly completely opposite approaches to your health, but they have more similarities than you may think! Let’s dig a bit deeper… Continue reading

Gut Health and Your Microbiome


More than ever before, health aficionados are focusing on the impact our gut bacteria has on our overall health. There is more evidence coming to light that our microbiomes, or the universe of good and bad bacteria that live inside our bodies, have a huge roll to play in our immune health, digestive health and even some chronic diseases. Continue reading

Gluten-Free Travel Tips


Summer is coming up and that means summer vacations are approaching! I remember a time when traveling was 100% excitement and all that I needed to plan was the actual traveling. Now things are different. My multiple food intolerances have introduced another layer of research, planning, and worry to my trips. Then even with all the planning, sometimes things don’t go exactly the way I had hoped and improvisation is needed. In fact, improvisation and a positive attitude are always helpful, whether traveling or not.  Continue reading

Gluten-Free Cake Donuts (GF, V)


If your mother is gluten-free, there may be no better way to win the favorite child award than to wake her up with these homemade cake donuts! They’re not only gluten-free but also dairy-free, with the option to make them vegan too. Look at how fluffy and cakey they look! Come to think of it, why not bake a few extra and keep some for yourself too? Continue reading

Guisados’ Chicken Tinga (GF, DF)


Some of you may have seen our post last week on Guisados, in our opinion the best taqueria in Los Angeles. Not only do they hand-make their corn tortillas, but their taco fillings are delicious stews that have been slow-cooked with a variety of spices, meats, peppers and vegetables. In honor of Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, Guisados generously shared their recipe for their Chicken Tinga, a smokey, spicy preparation of shredded chicken and smoked jalapeños, and one of their most popular tacos. It’s a surprisingly simple recipe – give it a try and let us know how it turned out! Continue reading