8 Healthy Game Day Tips and Recipe


It’s Super Bowl Sunday this weekend, and for many that can mean absentmindedly munching on high fat high calorie processed game day foods. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case! You can create an awesome game day spread and still enjoy some delicious game-time munchies without sacrificing your health. Here are some super simple tips and healthier food alternatives for your Super Bowl spread that will taste good AND feel good! Continue reading

Slow Cooker Red Lentil Dal (GF, Vegan)


For some reason, just picturing a slow cooker conjures up an image of warmth, sharing and comfort food for me. Not to mention convenience – how great is it to be able to throw your ingredients in in the morning, then to leave it plugged in while you go about your day and come home to a pot of ready-to-eat deliciousness? Almost seems like magic!

This recipe isn’t your typical slow cooker recipe. It is loaded with spices and flavor and involves a few more ingredients and a a bit more prep than a typical slow cooker recipe, but it’s worth it. Plus it will last you for a while. Red lentils are loaded with protein, fiber, B vitamins and iron, so you’re getting a ton of nutrition as well as flavor with this dish. Serve with some quinoa or brown rice and you’ve got yourself a hearty satisfying meal. Continue reading

10 Ways to Motivate Your Workout!

Whether you’re the occasional exerciser or a die-hard gym bunny, we all have those days, months or times in our lives when we just don’t feel like getting our butts to the gym or venturing outside to workout. Maybe our lives have gotten super hectic, or maybe the change in the weather makes us a little more tired and the couch seem a little more welcoming. Either way, getting ourselves to our workout and then pushing ourselves during the workout can both be challenging at times, even to the most seasoned exerciser. As a spinning instructor and former gym bunny, I know from personal experience that EVERYONE can use a little extra motivation sometimes. So here are some tips to get yourself motivated and keep yourself moving! Continue reading

Grain-Free Tabbouleh Salad (GF, V)


Tabbouleh is a traditional Lebanese dish that is typically made with bulgur wheat or couscous, but we found this recipe that uses roasted cauliflower instead for a low carb gluten-free version. In case you’ve missed it, cauliflower is all the rage these days, with people dubbing it the next kale and using it as a substitution for normally wheat-based foods from pizza to a whole loaf of bread. Raw cauliflower has a pretty uninteresting flavor on its own, but drizzle it with some olive oil, salt, pepper and roast it, and it adopts a comforting almost nutty flavor. Yum! We hope you enjoy this recipe for a simple, flavorful tabbouleh salad from Summer Tomato – perfect as a side dish for a roast meat or sandwich! Continue reading

Energy-Boosting Foods!


With the cold weather and start-of-the-year projects keeping us on our feet, we need energy from as many sources as we can get. Our daily energy levels depend on so many things—sleep, stress, hydration, emotions, our environment, and of course our food. Rather than defaulting to caffeine, sugar or energy drinks, which all have their own negative health effects and can lead to an energy crash, try optimizing your energy in a sustainable way with what you eat.

A diet that supports immune function, combats inflammation and helps regulate blood sugar is optimal for supporting energy levels. At The Tasteful Pantry we believe that eating healthy snacks at regular intervals throughout the day can provide sustained energy boosts between meals. As you may imagine, highly processed and sugary foods contribute to inflammation and energy rollercoasters, so stay away from those. Here are some specific suggestions on foods to include in your diet to boost your energy. Continue reading

Revamp Your (and Your Kids’) Lunchbox!


It’s not hard to admit that lunch is one of the hardest meals to eat when keeping your diet on track. It’s also difficult to pack a lunch for your kids in a hurry that’s not the boring (and sugar-laden) peanut butter and jelly. It takes preparation and scheduling, and let’s face it – we all don’t have that kind of time on our hands!

Sure, picking up a salad on your lunch break is great and all, but it gets old quick! We want to eat healthy, but we’ve definitely lost the battle against our minds a few times to a slice of pizza during lunch. But we’re done with that! It’s time that we bring something for lunch that we look forward to, not dread eating. Remember everyone, eating is one of life’s greatest joys – so why not enjoy every meal?

We’ve rounded up a bunch of quick “recipes” and ideas for you to bring (and enjoy!) for lunch. There are also a few ideas for your kids as well! Continue reading