Product Review: Foods Alive Onion Garlic Organic Flax Crackers (GF, DF, V, SF, NF)

Natural Factor
Taste Factor
Fullness Factor
Overall Rating
Macros (per serving):
Total Fat: 8g / Total Carbs: 10g / Protein: 8g

Good with: Hummus or your favorite vegetable dip.

Other Flavors: Original, Mexican Harvest, Italian Zest, Maple & Cinnamon, Ginger Snap, Hemp

Why We Love It: How can we not? Not only is it so flavorful with the taste of fresh onion and garlic, but it’s super-healthy! These crackers are high in protein, fiber and omega-3’s (which have an anti-inflammatory effect), not to mention low in carbs and raw. To make the crackers, Foods Alive soaks their golden flaxseeds in water, germinating the seed and thus increasing its nutritional value. Then they add their spices and dehydrate them at a low temperature. This process preserves the living enzymes and nutrients inside the flaxseed to create a superfood that is satisfying, tasty and good for you!

Meet the Makers: Based in Waterloo, IN, Foods Alive is a family-owned company that makes organic, vegan, kosher and gluten-free foods. In addition to their flax crackers, they also sell oils, dressings, and superfood ingredients in their raw form (e.g. chia seeds, hemp seeds).

Fun Fact: Foods Alive was founded by Ellen & Michael Moor, their son Matt and his wife Tammy after Ellen and Michael tasted raw flaxseed crackers at a free buffet provided by a natural health learning center in Michigan known as Wheatgrass Place. They loved the crackers so much they decided to make them at home for themselves, then they decided they were so good they wanted to share their discovery with the world!

Organic certification Vegan certification UnknownGreen America


Click here to buy Foods Alive Onion Garlic Flax Crackers from the Tasteful Pantry shop! They will also be featured in our new Low Carb / High Protein monthly box coming out June 1!

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