Partner Feature: Ritual Wellness

The Tasteful Pantry is happy to announce that our partner promotion with Ritual Wellness, a top of the line organic juice cleanse company based in Southern California. For a limited time, Tasteful Pantry members get 20% off a 3-day Reset Cleanse (details below). Jumpstart your New Years resolution now!

RC_Lineup_Seasonal smallerRitual Wellness makes 100% organic, fresh-pressed, raw juices and is the only cleanse that offers a fitness-friendly option. Ritual’s mainstay product is their Reset Cleanse, which comes in classic and seasonal varieties. Each cleanse comes with a variety of green juices, detoxing lemonades and nut “mylks”. For those wanting more flexibility with their juicing, they also offer a “build your own” option that can be used to complement a healthy balanced diet. Continue reading

Study: Eating Nuts in Pregnancy May Lower a Child’s Allergy Risk

From the Wall Street Journal
Pregnant women who eat more peanuts and tree nuts during pregnancy might be less likely to bear nut-allergic children, a new study suggests.
The research, published Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, supports the current consensus among medical professionals that delaying the introduction of nuts, milk, fish, shellfish, eggs and other highly allergenic foods in young children doesn’t prevent the development of food allergies, said Michael C. Young, associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, and a senior author of the study. Continue reading

Navigating the Holidays with Food Allergies

Some helpful tips below from CNN on Navigating the Holidays with Food Allergies:

121218042053-holiday-food-table-story-topHolidays are a particularly challenging time for us food-allergic individuals with so many desserts and homemade treats, casseroles and dips laid out on the table — largely without ingredient labels.

Food-allergic children can feel left out of the traditional festivities, many of which center around food, and allergies can present a challenge for hosts, as they frequently must tend to a wide range of preferences and needs behind the scenes.

All the excitement and good cheer makes it more difficult to be informed about the ingredients in each and every party food. There are ways, however, to reduce anxiety through the holidays while staying happy, healthy, and allergy free. Continue reading

Chinese Sticky Rice Stuffing (GF, DF)

For many of us, stuffing is the icing on the cake of a holiday meal (if I may mix food metaphors). Growing up in a Chinese –American family, our stuffing wasn’t the bready, sausage-y kind, it was the Chinese sticky rice kind. You might recognize sticky rice from dim sum – it usually comes in a steamer wrapped in lotus leaves. For the holidays, it is perfect as a stuffing for a turkey or goose, or just as a delicious side dish. I hope you like it – I certainly do. In fact, for the entire year leading up to the holidays, I look forward to my annual sticky rice fix, and when the time comes, I somehow can’t seem to stop myself from “tasting” enough of it to fill up before the holiday meal is even served!

Very conveniently, my mom’s recipe for sticky rice is naturally gluten and dairy-free, so I decided to sit down with her and jot down the recipe to share with all of you. As with most family recipes, my mom doesn’t have this written down and doesn’t use a measuring cup when she makes this dish, so there was a lot of approximating backed up by my own research to produce the quantities below.

You can find sticky rice (also called glutinous rice) at any Chinese and most Japanese markets. Be sure to plan ahead, as some steps require advance preparation, especially if you don’t have a rice cooker or access to fresh shitake mushrooms.

Continue reading

The Gift Guide: Delicious Holiday Treats



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